How much does a full wrap cost?

A full wrap starts at $3500 + GST. Factors such as size, shape and condition of vehicle are used to determine the overall cost of the wrap. The type, brand and colour of vinyl film are also used when quoting the cost of the wrap.

Can I get a vinyl wrap installed over damaged clear coat or non OEM (original factory paint) paint?

While it is possible to wrap over damaged paint a few considerations need to made. First 360 Wraps will NOT offer any warranty for a wrap over damaged or non OEM paint. Also vinyl wrap will not hide any imperfections in the paint work and in some cases (eg. gloss black) can actually make the imperfection more noticeable. A wrap over damaged paint is also more prone to failure this can be caused by the underlining paint work letting go of the body and not a failure of the vinyl itself. Once it is time to remove the vinyl wrap it is highly probable that the vinyl will pull paint from the body this is due to already damaged paint work not adhering correctly to the substrate.

What should I do if my wrap is bubbling and peeling?

While all due care is taken in when wrapping there is a small possibility of a bubbling or peeling. This is generally noticed within the first 48hrs to 2 weeks. Any bubbling will not go away in the sun. At 360 Wraps we consider this a failure of either product or installation procedure. If any of these conditions occur you will need to call and visit the office to have your wrap inspected for the cause of the failure, and booked in for a warranty re-wrap of the affected panel. You should not hesitate in bringing the wrap back to the store as soon as the issue is noticed.

Can a wrap be removed and can I remove it myself?

YES!! If you have had your vehicle wrapped at 360 Wraps then rest assured that your vehicle has been wrapped in only the highest quality films from 3M, Avery Dennison and Hexis.  For removal it is best to bring it back to us and have us remove it (removal fee is applicable) however you can remove it yourself and for best results it is advisable to use a heat gun. For any questions on removing your 360 Wrap please call our office.

What will I need to apply for finance?

Finance applicants will need a valid Australian driver's licence or passport and valid credit/debit MasterCard or Visa card for payments. You will also be required to pay a deposit. You will need a regular income and a good credit rating. Finance can be applied for in store with fast approval. For more info please call and speak to one of our staff.

How long will it take to wrap my vehicle?

A full custom colour change wrap on a car will take around 4 - 9 days (longer for chrome and other specialty films), a correctly installed wrap takes time and you should be wary of installers that claim to be able to wrap a car in a day. Please see "What is the process for wrapping my car" for more details.

A full or partial signage wrap will take around 2-5 days. Signage wraps are finished differently and install procedures will be explained in more depth when quoting and prior to install.

What is 360 Wraps warranty period?

Warranty periods are outline on the initial contact and before the wrap is either printed or installed you will be asked to sign our warranty statement which outlines all warranty periods with what is and is not covered, along with what is expected of the end user (you) to care for the wrap.

What is the process to get my car wrapped?
  1. Call into our store in Brisbane, Slacks Creek.
  2. Choose your colour or print.
  3. Pay your deposit. We will not cut, print, design any work before a deposit is paid or if using finance you must be approved and have the contract signed. We will then print or prepare the vinyl for your wrap.
  4. Bring your vehicle to our store and sign the Warranty Statement and complete the Pre-inspection form with one of our staff.
  5. We will then wash and clean your vehicle to remove any dirt, grease and waxes.
  6. We will then remove and log all parts necessary to complete the wrap such as front - rear bars, door handles, indicators, mirrors etc.
  7. Your vehicle will then receive another clean in the areas that were previously covered.
  8. We then clay bar the whole vehicle to remove any impurities from the paintwork.
  9. Then it's on to yet another clean this time using a surface cleaner or isopropyl alcohol.
  10. We will mask off all areas and lay knifeless tape.
  11. Wrapping begins. Before each panel is applied we give the area being wrapped one final clean.
  12. We squeegee on the vinyl and mold it to the shape of the car, then trim to finish.
  13. Post heating of panels is then performed.
  14. We check the entire wrap.
  15. Parts removed and logged earlier are now reinstalled and each part with all screws, bolts, clips etc are sign off by the installer as being reinstalled. Any broken clips are documented and reordered from the vehicle manufacturer and installed.
  16. You will be contacted to let you know your vehicle is ready to be collected.
  17. You will be walked around with an installer and perform a post inspection.
  18. You will need to pay the remainder of the invoice before leaving the store.
  19. Approximately 2 weeks later you will receive a phone from an installer to check on the wrap.
Why  do quotes differ between different wrap businesses?

Quality! Quality! Quality! There are many different films available on the market, we only use a vinyl films that have proven to withstand the harsh Australian weather. Also note there are also different grades of vinyl films this is especially true with print vinyl films. Be sure that you are not comparing a quote with a promotional film which is designed for a short period (eg. 3-6 months) with a 5 year film. Apples to apples.

Can 360 Wraps beat a cheaper written quote?

Our prices are our prices we do not undercut other businesses. Generally we have found that cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap. Ultimately you need to decide what you're wanting in a vehicle wrap. We have fixed many bad cheap wraps. We have also seen many cuts and scratches to cars where knifeless tape wasn't used to cut down on costs. Majority of the time a wrap won't peel or bubble but if it does (sometimes it happens) you will want to use a business that will replace the affected area and own up that a mistake was made. We define ourselves with honesty and integrity and will always work with you to fix any issues should they on the off chance arise.

Where is 360 Wraps located?

Our store is located at 3/3485 Pacific Hwy, Slacks Creek and we service Brisbane, Logan, Gold Coast and surrounding areas.